An Online Content Journey to Grow Your Church

A one-year, step-by-step content journey to equip you with the tools needed to accelerate your church.
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Core 4 Pillars of The Accelerator Program

Personal Growth encompasses the continuous process of self-improvement, learning, and development to reach one's full potential.


Organizational Clarity consists of a clear framework of goals, roles, and processes that minimizes confusion and maximizes efficiency.


Healthy Teams embody open communication, mutual respect, and a collaborative spirit, fostering productivity and well-being.


Scalable Systems can effortlessly expand their capacity to handle increasing growth without sacrificing performance or stability.



Why do you need the Accelerator?

As a pastor, you have a calling to lead, inspire, and make a lasting impact. Our Accelerator Program equips you with the knowledge, skills, and strategies to fulfill this calling effectively. But it's not just about leadership; it's about nurturing your personal and spiritual growth, fostering organizational clarity, building healthy and united teams, and realizing sustainable, purpose-driven growth. 

The Accelerator Program's Core 4 Pillars are tailored to empower you and your team... fostering alignment and propelling you toward increasing your Kingdom Impact.

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Your Plan to Accelerate Your Church

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Get access to courses, activations, member-exclusive webinars, and our community of pastors going through the same program and experiences.

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Our tailored courses and activations give you a plan you can easily implement to optimize your leadership and the people on your team.

Watch Your Church Grow

With a plan that’s proven to work for accelerating your church, you’ll be amazed at how your impact accelerates and that feeling of being overwhelmed and lost subsides.

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Meet Your Teachers

Scott Wilson

Scott Wilson, Founder of Ready Set Grow, transitioned from the role of Lead Pastor to the role of Global Pastor at Oaks Church in 2020. During his 30-plus years of ministry at Oaks Church, the church grew not only in its seating capacity but in its sending capacity, launching over 500 leaders into full-time, vocational ministry through the Oaks School of Leadership. For decades, he has poured his life into younger pastors, church planters, and leaders so that his ceiling would be their floor. 

Jeremy Yancey

Jeremy’s passion is your God-given potential. In addition to serving as the Accelerator Program Director with RSG, he serves as Lead pastor of Timbercreek church, a multi-site church in East Texas. Jeremy helps bring out the best in Leadership teams of churches and businesses by providing leadership development workshops and strategic planning processes designed to create and keep organizational clarity. He lives in Lufkin Texas with His wife of 23 years, Janet, and their two children.


Hunter Wilson

Being around church operations from a young age, Hunter has spent his entire adult life dedicated to seeing the Church move forward through his gifting in strategic operational thinking. Hunter Wilson has his master's degree in organizational leadership and is certified in StratOps, Intentional Growth Planning, and Storybrand by Donald Miller because he is passionate about helping leaders find clarity to do what they do better.

Why Do I Need A Guide?

In our experience, we've found that people thrive in a community setting. That's why we offer two program paths: the Guided Accelerator and the Self-Paced Accelerator. The Guided path involves learning alongside a cohort navigating the Accelerator Program, supported by a Guide who tailors the content to your unique circumstances. While the Self-Paced path is an option, it lacks the group accountability and collaborative learning environment.

In the Guided Accelerator, you can expect:
  1. Monthly one-on-one sessions with a dedicated guide to delve into each month's lesson.
  2. A supportive cohort of pastors on a similar journey, fostering collective breakthroughs.
  3. Accountability and tailored support from individuals who understand your specific context, aiding in practical application of the lessons learned.

Here's the Breakdown...

Self-Paced Accelerator

Do It Yourself (DIY)

  • 30-Day Free Trial
  • New Course Every 2 Weeks
  • Fresh, Actionable Content You Can Apply Immediately
  • Created By Pastors for Pastors
  • Tools and Activations To Accompany Each Course
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Guided Accelerator

Done With You (DWY)

  • 30-Day Free Trial
  • New Course Every 2 Weeks
  • Fresh, Actionable Content You Can Apply Immediately
  • Created By Pastors for Pastors
  • Tools and Activations To Accompany Each Course
  • Access To A Personal Guide And Cohort to Lead You Through The Accelerator Program
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Frequently Asked Questions