Inner Circle: A Three-Year Coaching Journey

 Double Your Impact Without Doubling Your Workload
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What Is The Inner Circle?

The Inner Circle is a 3-year immersive growth experience to help you, your team, and your church maximize your Kingdom potential. Through a principle-based systematic journey, our team will walk alongside you to help you consistently discover the next mountain to take, design the plan to get there and deliver the results you need to strengthen and grow your church.

Simply put, The Inner Circle is designed to help you, your team, and your church accomplish what God has called you to do.

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The Inner Circle is a step-by-step systematic coaching journey that we will take with you.

The ministry minefield is real. It's not going away. Going at it alone is insanity!

RSG will give you a roadmap to follow to get from here (today) to there (tomorrow) - the place God is calling you and your church and your leaders.

You will get:

  • Access to the whole team of best-in-class experts.

  • Plug-and-play systems for every part of the organization.

  • Duplicatable models and templates to use in any situation.

  • And most importantly, real-time mentoring from Scott Wilson and the RSG growth team, guiding you through your most important growth seasons

During this journey, we will partner you with our own personal growth team. Then we map out the minefield over a three-year journey. Making sure to put the right content and training in just the right moment. Each step is perfectly designed to provide maximum value and impact for you and your church. The greatest part is that every portion of the RSG System is battle-tested and ready to go.

So, let's do this!

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 The Inner Circle Team

Experts like John Maxwell, Scott Wilson, and Jim Sheppard share innovative principles on leadership, church growth, and generosity through monthly courses, activations, and labs.

Proven, successful pastors with extensive ministry experience personally guide you on your journey through one-on-one, monthly coaching sessions, annual site visits, and additional availability to serve you as needed.


Certified RSG OS coaches install, activate, and support your implementation of the Operating System (OS), resourcing your staff team through annual events and monthly calls. 


Meet Scott Wilson

I've been where you are.

And that place can be intimidating. You know God has called you. The dream is deep in your heart. I was there. Ministry can be like navigating a minefield. Revenue ceilings. Staffing problems. Management issues. Leadership misses. Systems dysfunction. Feeling trapped. Hit anyone of those mines and it could all be over. I've walked through that ministry minefield and gotten to the other side. Those obstacles are real. They're not just in your head and there's real danger if you hit them. But, there is a way through and I can show you.

Hi, I’m Scott Wilson and I am a Global pastor and influencer with over 3 decades of growing top-tier leaders in ministry and the marketplace. I've spent a lifetime building the best in class team of experts who have the ability to transform thinking, explode current capacity, and help you deploy renewable systems for impacting your community, your family, your church, and your world. The RSG Inner Circle is a hybrid of True North strategy, real-time in the moment coaching, and duplicatable models that will catapult (yes, I know that's kind of a crazy word, but I mean it), you into a way of living and leading that you always hoped was achievable. And it truly is! Me and the RSG team are here to help!

  • 20 years of Lead Pastor experience

  • Proven growth track record

  • 21 Churches Planted

  • 500+ leaders developed into full time ministry

  • Grew the churches finances from $1.7 million to $12 million a year

Your Three Steps To Success

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Watch Your Church Grow

With a plan that’s proven to work, you’ll be amazed at how your impact multiplies as you and your church grow in alignment. 


Pastor Josh O’Conner

Greenville First

“Before we started The Inner Circle, our attendance had been stuck in one place for a while. Last week, we broke through that number and saw a 67% increase in attendance and people making commitments to join our growth track— on a NON-HOLIDAY. We were preaching on something we were learning in The Inner Circle called the “All-In” series and that Sunday we saw a 30% increase in tithe commitments for this year. All that to say, we knew that The Inner Circle would be beneficial to our staff and us, but to see the faith rising in our congregation is such a confirmation that joining this program was the right move for us.”

Pastor Michael Norman

Glad Tidings Church

"We took over a historically strong church that was probably on the backside of the S-curve. I was the first non-family member to pastor it in 43 years. So it was a family shift, a cultural shift. The first outside hire in 10 years it only hired within and then the pandemic hit. And so it was just like, "God, what are you doing?" And then came the Inner Circle. The really cool thing is our campuses were really struggling and probably headed towards closing. And at this point, every one of our campuses is ahead of pre-pandemic numbers. There is incredible health, there are salvations happening. Our goal was this year to grow 8%. And year to date we're at 14.93% growth for the year. Hallelujah!"

Pastor Chris Gray

Encounter Church

"Two Sundays ago we had our biggest record year, our record day, not only of this year, but probably of any year to date besides an Easter service. We typically run between 350 and 380 in attendance, but two Sundays ago, we had 456 people in attendance. We had eight hands raised for salvation. We were able to baptize eight people in water. We had 18 people go through our grow track. Today we have about 50 people this year alone that have gone through our grow track. We weren't seeing this kind of breakthrough before the Inner Circle and are just so thankful."

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